Become a Canadian host family!

The homestay experience is one of the most common and popular ways for international students to meet and get to know Canadian people and their culture. Both you, the host, and the student or visitor staying with you will experience a unique opportunity for cultural exchange. Broaden your horizon, experience your own country and family life in a new perspective, and be rewarded by the gratitude of your guests!

All visitors/students choose our homestay program to learn or improve their English/French (Montreal only) through real life in Canada.

Here is all you need to become a host family

First and foremost, please note that albeit our homestay program includes compensation for all host families (find the fee structure here), both visitors/students and hosts whose wish to participate is based solely on financial considerations (i.e. visitors who wish to save on hotel costs, or hosts wanting to supplement their existing income) are strongly discouraged from joining the program, as the experience will generally turn out to be a negative one for all parties involved.

Families interested in cultural exchange, new experiences, providing hospitality and broaden their horizons are very welcome!

Other requirements include:

  • You must be able to provide an English only environment (hosts must be able to speak native-level English)
  • Be prepared to treat your student as part of your family for the duration of their stay
  • We ask all hosts to provide a private bedroom with a desk for an adequate learning environment
    *Shared rooms will be requested by Contact Canada only in specific cases (i.e. student groups)

Take this opportunity to bring the cultures of the world into your home! Apply here to become a host family.