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and homestay program to deepen
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Contact Canada is the educational branch of the established, Vancouver-based travel agency Skyland. We help to facilitate field trips for Jr. High & High Schools, student exchange programs, homestay arrangements, and cultural exchange events.

Homestay Arrangements

With a comprehensive database and a total of 28 years of experience, we have established an exceptional relationship of mutual trust with our host families. We place exchange students and visitors with families that meet even the most specific of needs. Placement fee starts at $180. Please get in touch for more details!

Special Events in Cooperation with Local Schools

We also arrange special events in cooperation with Hapa Eikaiwa (YouTube channel with over 360k subscribers) and Cafetalk (Online learning platform with over 100k users)! To bring exchange students together, we develop educational trips that come as a set, including programs with local schools and homestay arrangements. We promote these events via Cafetalk and Hapa Eikaiwa.

Latest Educatinal Trip

Summer Camp for Children Ages 3-13

August 2019

This event was held in cooperation with the musical summer camp LightsUP. All homestay arrangements were made by Contact Canada. In this newly developed parent-child educational trip, Japanese children attended the camp together with local kids.

FIELD REPORT Karin (7 y.o.), Ran (5 y.o.)


Our daughters Karin and Ran attended this trip together. We were worried because especially our younger one is shy and her English is not that good yet. To our surprise, she made friends on the very first day, and in the end, she was so sad to leave she nearly started crying.

On the final recital on Friday we were so proud to see out daughters singing in English and doing their best with their English lines. We became friends with the local parents and met up with them on the weekends to go to the park. With the kids at the camp, I was able to visit coffee shops during the day, go shopping, and fully enjoy myself! We are planning to participate next year as well.